EVO64 Rev 1 - Premium & Ultra-low Noise Components


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Product Overview

This collecton of components are optional extensions and enhancements to the standard EVO64 bill of materials, which is still a foundational requirement (you still need most of those parts).

  • Premium Aries zif sockets enable fast and convienient access for adding and removing chips
  • Ultra-low noise components provide the cleanest power rail to Audio and Video circuitry (VIC-II & SIDs)
  • DIP array dongles replace jumpers for the muli-ROM and multi-SID, making it easy to change configurations



  • Aries low profile ZIF sockets (4x 40 pin & 2x 28 pin) 
  • Aries standard profile ZIF socket (1x 32 pin)
  • DIP Switch overlay dongles for fast and convenient swithcing of multi-ROM & multi-SID configurations
  • Ultra low noise EVO PWR 5v Switching Voltage Regulator
  • Ultra low noise Coilcraft AC Filter Choke
  • Color coded Jumpers (RED for power, BLUE for configuration & state changes)

* Components are also available separately


  • If your planning to purchase the complete premium BOM, be aware that it is intended for the EVO Production Release v1 board ONLY
  • This component upgrade kit is not compatible with the EVO Blue Pearl edition board, which requires 4x 40pin sockets and 5x 28pin sockets
  • The dip-switch arrays, the coilcraft AC filter and the 32pin ZIF socket will not work with Blue Pearl board


(No reviews yet) Write a Review