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DIY Kit to build a Mechboard 64 v1.07 "Light Mod" Edition

  • Mechboard64 is a complete replacement for your Commodore64 keyboard, which uses real mechanical key-switches, such as CherryMX or Gateron
  • There has been a huge resergence in mechanical keyboards recently due to their pleasing tactile feel (e.g., clickiness), as well as the speed and accuracy that they lend to your typing
  • The "Light Mod" edition provides optional support for a set of 66x 3mm LED lights, which can be mounted inside of each key switch, to provide an ethereal glow under your keycaps


This Combo Kit includes:

  • A professionally manufactured and fully tested Mechboard64 v1.07 light mod edition printed circuit board (PCB). All of the tiny SMD electronics for the keyboard switching matrix, the shift-lock circuit and the LED diffusion resistors are already soldered into place, as part of the professional manufacturing process. No SMD Soldering skills are required to complete this DIY build project 
  • A professionally crafted metal keyboard frame, crafted from 5052 aluminum. The frame has been precisely laser cut, and bent to exacting specifications, then powder coated to provide an incredible finish and feel
  • A custom assembled 20 pin SIL cable @ 30mm long (approx ~12 inches), which connects the Mechboard PCB to your computer. These cables are not available from manufacturers, so they need to be handmade
  • A set of professionally printed key-inserts, that act as an adapter for the mechanical key-switch mounts, enabling you to use your standard Commodore64 key caps or the new generation key caps being made available from CBMStuff. These key-inserts are printed using a multi-jet fusion process, using industrial grade PA12 Nylon, which is much stronger and plyable than the standard PLA or ABS filaments typically used with 3D Printers 


This kit does NOT include:

  • Mechanical key switches - we recommend either CherryMX or Gateron key switches, which you can purchase from suppliers like Mouser and Digikey
  • A set of costar keyboard stabilizer clips and mounts, which you can typically purchase through Amazon (there are also 3D Printable options available out there)
  • A custom bent metal stabilizer for the space bar key, which you can typically find through eBay
  • A full set of Commodore 64 Key Caps, which you can recover from an original C64 keyboard or aquire from CBMStuff, once they're made generally available


Assembling the Mechboard Kit:



Mechboard64 was desgined by MtnBuffalo from Breadbox64

Some image used with permission from ScreenShooters


(No reviews yet) Write a Review