PI-1541 with Epyx Fastload DIY Kit

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Product Overview

Combo-Cartridge with both a PI-1541 Disk Drive Emulator and an integrated Epyx Fastload

Two super useful and well integrated content loading solutions, rolled into one!
The Pi1541 Project enables you to use a Raspberry Pi Zero or Pi Zero-W to emulate a real Commodore disk drive, over your computer's IEC serial port.
> The Pi supports a MicroSD card slot that will hold both the Pi1541 build and folders containing .D64 or .PRG files
> An integrated set of tactile buttons and a nice OLED screen, enables you to conveniently navigate through the content on your SD card
> Compatible with all Commodore 64 and 128 builds and versions
The Epyx Fastload Cartridge has a long history of being one of the simplest and easy to use fast loading solutions, with a wide range of compatibility across most software titles.
> Includes an integrated machine language monitor, which makes it easy to examine games, demos and other programs that have been loaded
> Includes an integrated disk utility menu with convenient file and disk management tools
> The W27C512 EPROM that comes with this kit has already been pre-programmed with the Epyx Fastload ROM, but for reference, the ROM file is available here:
The combination of both capabilities gives you the convenience of mass storage with quick and easy filesystem navigation, as well as a trusted and time-tested fast loader solution.
What's Included Here?
  • 1x Professionally fabricated PCB combining both PI-1541 and Epyx Fastload solutions
  • 1x OLED Screen @ 0.96", supporting I2C w/4 Pins 
  • 1x Logic level converter - 4 Channel bi-directional
  • 1x EPROM IC - W27C512 @ 28 Pins (already pre-programmed with Epyx Fastload software)
  • 1x Logic IC - 74LS07 @ 14 Pins
  • 1x XH Connector for IEC Cable @ 6 Pin, Right Angle (male)
  • 1x XH Connector for IEC Cable @ 6 Pin, straight (female)
  • 1x length of 6 strand cable
  • 7x low profile dupont metalic crimp connectors
  • 1x Circular 6 Pin DIN Male Connector
  • 6x Tactical Push button switch, Right Angle
  • 1x Header - Dual row male pins @ 20x2
  • 1x LED @ 5mm
  • 1x Resistor 470R 1/2 Watt
  • 1x Resistor 2.7K 1/2 Watt
  • 1x Ceramic Capacitor @ 100nf
  • 1x Ceramic Capacitor @ 47uf
What Else is Needed (e.g., not included with this kit)?
  • 1x Raspberry PI Zero v1.3 (this project does not require or leverage WiFi, so it doesn't matter whether the PI is a "w" series or not)
  • A micro-SD card with a full PI-1541 boot image, as well as drive ROMs and some Commodore 64 disk drive images
  • You're welcome to start with this sample micro-SD card image that I put together for testing purposes
Complete build instructions are available here:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review