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Use this contact form to raise any questions related to product availability and sales of the EVO64, including requests to add new products to the shop.

However, please DO NOT use this contact form to raise technical questions about building, fixing or operating an EVO64 board or any other another related product.

Instead, please refer to the Online Documentation, where you will find a wide range of answers to most of the general questions.

Reference the Getting Started Guide for new EVO64 boards that arrived fully preassembled

Reference the DIY Builder's Guide for EVO64 systems that arrived as a kit, where soldering assembly is required.

For support and/or questions beyond the scope of the referenced documents, reach out to the EVO64 user community on: 

EVO64 on Discord EVO64 on Facebook

You're also welcome to connect with us on some of the other Social Media channels: 

EVO64 on YouTube EVO64 on Instgram EVO64 on Twitter