Meet the Builders


The EVO team have taken care to ensure that experienced Do it Yourself (DIY) builders will know exactly what to expect when they decide to take on an EVO64 build. There's comprehensive builder's documentation, and a vibrant online support community on Discord that that can answer your most common questions.

However, we also know that a DIY build isn't necessarily for everyone for a variety of reasons, from time constraints and other pressing commitments, to a lack of experience with DIY stuff which could lead to a damaged or an improperly working final product, etc.

Whatever the reason, the list of "Registered EVO64 Builders" below has you covered. These folks have been key contributors to the Commodore Retro Community for many years. They have completed many of their own DIY builds for other C64 remakes, such as the SixtyClones, Melius, ICS64 and UNI64 to name a few, and they're excited to offer their "builder services" to the growing EVO64 community.

Please keep in mind, each builder works independently, so their ability to work on EVO64 builds is subject to their current availability, and the rates that they charge for their builder-services are completely up to them. The EVO team does not take a percentage and we are not involved in this stage of the process.

Reach out to us using our Contact Form if you would like to be considered to become a Registered EVO64 Builder.


Here's how the process works:

1. A customer that is interested in having an EVO64 built and tested for them will need to contact one of the Registered Builders below FIRST, to determine whether they are currently available and able to work on the requested EVO64 build. This is also when the builder's service-fee rates will be negotiated (as stated above, this is between the buyer and builder. The EVO team is not compensated or involved in this process)

2. Once an agreement has been made, a customer can order their EVO64 along with a parts bill of materials (BOM), through the, or another primary point of sale portal

3. The product will be sent directly to the Registered Builder, and they will contact the buyer once they receive the package. They will stay in touch through each stage of their preparation, build and testing,  until the product is completed. This will include photos of the finished product, etc.

4. Finally, the registered builder will handle the repackaging of the completed EVO64 system and the shipping to the end customer. This will of course require an additional shipping fee, which will be handled between the registered builder and the customer (the EVO team is not involved in this transaction)


Choose and contact one of the Registered Builder's below, BEFORE you order your EVO64


Darrell Westbury

Based in the US (East Coast), able to ship worldwide

Darrell has been involved with the EVO64 project since its inception, having partnered with Dr. Stefano throughout all of the stages of product development, prototyping and testing. At this stage, Darrell has already built more EVO64 models than he can remember, as well as just about every other C64 reimplementation and remake out there. In fact, if you spot any errors in the EVO documentation, you know who to blame!

Darrell LOVES getting his hands dirty with DIY hardware and software projects, but family life, a professional career and managing all of the backend logistics with the EVO64 project do make it tough to manage more than a handful of build commitments at any given time.

You can typically find Darrell in the Facebook Group and on the Discord Channel, so feel free to drop in and say hi!




Bill Pelton

Based in New York State, happy to ship worldwide 

Hi. I’m Bill Pelton. You might know me from being around the chat rooms and posting about my various repairs. I've been servicing commodore computers since about 1988. I started out owning a VIC-20 way back when, and by now I've worked on pretty much all the 8 bits units out there. I’m also the guy that has been producing those handy repair harnesses for the last couple of years. My passion for electronics started when I interfaced a Radio Shack robotic arm to my VIC-20 at about 14 years old, and ever since then Commodore computers have been a great source of fun and entertainment for me. I'm more than happy to help you build your EVO.




Martijn Bosschaart

Based in the Netherlands, able to handle worldwide logistics  

Martijn says hi! Ever since he got his first Commodore VIC20, Martijn has been wanting to know more of the innards of consumer electronics. His dad wasn’t very happy with him voiding the warranty on everything on the day of purchase, but it has given him almost 40 years of experience with modding and repairing electronics. 

Residing in The Netherlands, Martijn runs a repair and restoration business under the name Run Stop Re-Store and his shop is one of the vendors on Martijn’s shop specialises in high quality Commodore spare parts and mods but he also offers assembly services for Sixtyclones and other projects for customers. Customer satisfaction comes first, so expect excellent pre- and after-sales support for your projects.

Available to ship worldwide, Martijn can take care of all the logistics and customs forms and knows how to properly pack and dispatch fragile electronics so your EVO64 will be built professionally and shipped securely!





Thomas Christoph

Based in Canada, pleased to offer worldwide logistics for your EVO build

My name is Thomas Christoph, the face behind Many of you may know me for my 3D printed designs and reverse engineered rarities for the Commodore 64.  I've been serving the Commodore as well as other 8-bit communities for the better part of a decade.  I have however been involved with Commodores since the beginning, even working for Commodore in the late 80's as a Product Support Co-ordinator.

My decades of experience with Commodores across the spectrum, as well as my related electronics experience  affords me the ability to complete your EVO build for you.  What you will receive from my efforts will be an assembly that I would be proud to own myself.  As anyone who's dealt with me in the past also knows, that I stand behind my work.

With the ability and experience to take care of all shipping requirements, you can rest assured that your assembled and tested EVO will be professionally packaged.  Updates through the assembly process will be provided to you by e-mail.