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Product Overview

J-CIA 64 is a modern replacement for the aging 6526 CIA chip for the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, SX-64 and 1570/1571 drives

  • FPGA based, so it functions as a piece of real hardware, identical in capability to the MOS 6526 & 8521 CIA chips that it replaces
  • Incorporates the complete logic set and all features of the original chips
  • Pass all known diagnostic & software tests (including all Wolfgang Lorenz's test suite and the Vice-project's CIA-tests
  • Hundreds of demos and games have already been tested, with no known compatibility issues
  • Physically very similar to the original chip size, so it fits well into all C64 boards, including EVO Rel 1 and the BluePearl
  • Tested with many hardware perhipherals, including Wifi Modems, the Ultimate-II+ cart, SD2IEC, TapeCart, 1351-mouse and others
  • Tested with all C64 mainboard revisions, SX-64 and with EVO64 mainboard, Commodore 128 (including CP/M and disk drive burst-mode) and 1570 & 1571
  • Works in both 1 MHz and 2 MHz modes
  • Some preliminary testing has been done with the 1581 drive, but full compatibility cannot be guaranteed yet
  • Please note that this product is NOT compatible with Amiga, which requires a different 8520-CIA


J-CIA64 mode jumper:
This usually doesn't need to be changed, as most sofware and hardware are designed to work with both versions

J-CIA64 mode jumper


Developed by 

2020-2023 Jani Laatikainen



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review