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Product Overview

J-CIA 64 is a modern replacement for the aging 6526 CIA chip for the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, SX-64 and 1570/1571 drives

  • FPGA based, so it functions as a piece of real hardware, identical in capability to the MOS 6526 & 8521 CIA chips that it replaces
  • Incorporates the complete logic set and all features of the original chips
  • Pass all known diagnostic & software tests (including all Wolfgang Lorenz's test suite and the Vice-project's CIA-tests
  • Hundreds of demos and games have already been tested, with no known compatibility issues
  • Physically very similar to the original chip size, so it fits well into all C64 boards, including EVO Rel 1 and the BluePearl
  • Tested with many hardware perhipherals, including Wifi Modems, the Ultimate-II+ cart, SD2IEC, TapeCart, 1351-mouse and others
  • Tested with all C64 mainboard revisions, SX-64 and with EVO64 mainboard, Commodore 128 (including CP/M and disk drive burst-mode) and 1570 & 1571
  • Works in both 1 MHz and 2 MHz modes
  • Some preliminary testing has been done with the 1581 drive, but full compatibility cannot be guaranteed yet
  • Please note that this product is NOT compatible with Amiga, which requires a different 8520-CIA


J-CIA64 mode jumper:
This usually doesn't need to be changed, as most sofware and hardware are designed to work with both versions

J-CIA64 mode jumper


Developed by 

2020-2023 Jani Laatikainen



J-CIAs Was Featured on Retro Recipes


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    JCIA is a good replacement for 6526 CIA

    Posted by Mike L. on May 22nd 2024

    Thanks to the creator of JCIA. They are to best replacement for 6526 CIA for C128 and C64. Both my C128 and C64 had bad 6526 chips for keyboard/joystick. After installing them my keyboard and joystick now work perfect for my flat NTSC C128 and breadbin NTSC C64. Note flat C128 users- you will need to remove the metal shield because the JCIA will sit taller and also tape down the little metal ground wire with electric tape and it should fit perfect. Thank you Retroactive for being a supplier of JCIA