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Product Overview

J-CPU64 is a modern Replacement for your aging 6510 or 8500 CPU

  • J-CPU64 has been developed by Jani, who also makes the now infamous J-CIA replacement chip
  • Exhaustively tested to ensure 100% compatibility with the original MOS 6510/6500 CPU
  • The same physical size as the original MOS CPU, so it's a direct drop-in replacement (no soldering required)
  • Incorporates the complete 6510 instruction-set , including unimpemented Op-Codes
  • All of your games and demos will work perfectly - Hundreds of titles already tested
  • Passes all known diagnostics & software tests
  • Tested to work perfectly when paired with other hardware add-ons and mods, including: Wifi Modems, the Ultimate-II+ cart, SD2IEC, TapeCart, 1351-mouse and others
  • Tested with EVO64 Rel1, EVO Blue Pearl, as well as all C64 mainboard revisions (250469, 250466, 250425, 250407, the KU-14194HB, etc.) and the SX-64

PLEASE NOTE: The J-CPU64 produces a sharp, crisp and consistent PHI-2 clock pulse, which means that it's not necessary to combine it with a PHIagra booster board. 

Developed by 

2020-2024 Jani Laatikainen




(No reviews yet) Write a Review