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Is your Commodore 64’s performance not quite what it used to be?

Are you finding that its PHI2 clock signal is, well, a little less enthusiastic these days?

Fear not, retro computing enthusiasts! Introducing PHIagra – the ultimate pick-me-up for your aging machine.

Just like a certain little blue pill for the human hardware, PHIagra is here to invigorate your C64’s MOS 6510 or 8500 CPU.

It’s not just a simple upgrade; it’s a revitalization for your cherished computer.

With PHIagra, your CPU’s PHI2 clock output gets a much-needed lift, thanks to a nifty buffer chip and a capacitor that we’ve lovingly integrated into this easy-to-install module.

The result? A rock-solid clock pulse that will leave you saying, “Wow, I didn’t know my C64 could still perform like that!”

With this enhanced stamina, your Commodore 64 will once again play nice with all those demanding add-on boards and cartridges.

Yes, we’re talking about the Ultimate II+, Kung Fu Flash, EZ-Flash, and SIDEKick – all of which will now work with the gusto and vigor of a machine half its age.

So why settle for a flagging performance? Give your beloved C64 the boost it needs with PHIagra.

It’s the kind of upgrade that will make your retro heart race with excitement.

Get ready to experience your classic games and software like never before.

Trust us, your Commodore will thank you – and so will your nostalgia.



  • Compatible with all C64 models that use a MOS 6510 or 8500 CPUs
  • CPU chip is not included with this module



(No reviews yet) Write a Review