Audio-Video Breakout Module

Sven Petersen

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Product Overview

Many of the most commonly made audio/video cables for the Commodore 64 are missing one or more signals. Most of them will provide support for the older composite video standard, but very few of them support the better quality S-Video output, and even fewer cables provide separate audio outputs for dual-SID chips.

Having a custom cable made to support all of these signals can become problematic due to the number of connections that need to be merged, which makes the cable fragile and easy to break over extended use.

This adapter provides a super-convenient way to access ALL the separate signals available from your system's 8-pin DIN A/V port.

  • S-Video Signal, uses a standard S-Video cable
  • Composite Video Signal, uses a standard RCA cable (a jumper-selectable resistor is available to attenuate the Composite signal if needed)
  • SID1 Audio Output, uses a standard RCA cable
  • SID2 Audio Output, uses a standard RCA cable
  • SID1 Audio Input, uses a standard RCA cable (although SID input is less commonly used)

Using separate cables for each of the Audio & Video signals from your system dramatically reduces noise and interference, which ensures the best possible output quality.

This module is based on the original design by Sven Petersen

  • We are selling this module with awareness and approval from Sven Petersen 
  • We only use the components that have been recommened by Sven, to ensure the best signal quality and functional durability

The module is enclosed in a professional 3D-Resin printed enclosure, which has a very smooth feel and finish.

The label for the model is made by the Retrobadgeman


PLEASE NOTE that you need to supply your own Audio and Video cables:

  • The minimum cabling requirement for video is either a single RCA cable for a Composite signal (typically in Yellow) or a single standard S-Video cable. You do not need both, but you're welcome to connect both if you like.
  • The minimum cabling requirement for audio is at least one RCA cable for SID1 output. If you have an EVO64 Rev 1, which supports dual-SID chips, it is recommended that you use a set of standard stereo RCA cables (typically sold as a Red & White cable pair)



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  • 5
    A/V Breakout Module Build Quality

    Posted by William Manganaro on Aug 15th 2023

    Not only is the audio video breakout module a convenient way to connect your audio and video equipment to the Evo 64, the 3D printed case that houses the circuit board is of excellent quality. The super smooth and rounded edges make this a top quality piece of hardware ! The proverbial icing on the cake s the print quality of the faceplate sticker describing all the ins and outs. Excellent job and excellent price!