NuTube64 Preamp Module for EVO64


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Product Overview


NuTube64 is an optional audio preamplifier module, which uses a Korg Nutube 6P1 Vaccum Florescence Display (VFD) and other high quality audio grade components (e.g., matched JFETs, ultra low noise capacitors, etc.) to provide harmonically pleasing color, warmth, weigh and character to your EVO64 audio output. 

The NuTube64 module mounts directly onto the EVO64 mainboard and it's small enough to fit comfortably in all C64 "Breadbin" and C64c "Wedge" style cases.

It's also energy efficient and it gets all the power it requires directly from the EVO64 mainboard, via a standard and current generation C64 power supply. Be sure that you never use an original C64 power brick, as these are highly prone to failiure and known to cause damage to systems and components.

Audio Samples of some NuTube64 Prototypes on Social Media:

Please note:

  • The audio demos below are using an older gneration, prototype NuTube64 module, which was still using connection  wires to mount to the EVO mainboard
  • The current generation NuTubes64 modules sound identical, but they mount using simple header pins now, which do not require any wiring

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