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Product Overview

EVO64 is a completely reimagined and fully backward-compatible Commodore 64 mainboard replacement

  • It has been developed with the goal to deliver the best possible Audio and Video experience from the original Commodore 64 reference architecture (check out the YouTube videos below)
  • It's fully authentic and completely faithful to the original system's heritage, supporting all of the original MOS & CSG chip versions, as well as modern clones (e.g., tested with J-CIA64, J-CPU64, ARMSID, ARM2SID, FPGASID, SwinSID, BackSID, Kawari VIC-II replacement, Monotech CPU adapters, and may others)
  • It combines all of the best features and capabilities that have become available as add-ons and upgades in recent years, into a unified, simple & convenient design, that's sleek & stylish and just plain fun to use
  • EVO64 is easy for an experienced builder to make in just a couple hours, since all of the Surface Mounted (SMD) components are already presoldered in place
  • You can choose to bundle your mainboard purchase with either a standard or premium components BOM (see options below) or you can source your own parts using EVO Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • All EVO64 Rel 1 Mainboards are compatible with both the NuTube64 and Triode64 Audio Preamp modules


Key Features

Dual SID Support
  > Support for ANY and ALL SID Chip Varieties (and clones)
  > Two SIDs can play in dual-Mono or True-Stereo
  > Extensible SID Addressing modes available
  > Support for ANY and ALL VICII chip varieties (including Kawari)
  > Support for PAL or NTSC video modes
  > Simply the best quality video output you can expect from the original VICII
  > Potentiometers allow fine adjustments to cancel out any noise sources
  > A single EEPROM contains multiple ROM images
  > 8x Kernals
  > 4x Basics
  > 8x Character Sets
  > Supports up to 64x Cartridge ROM Images
  > Fully Reprogrammable
Custom PLA
  > A completely proprietary PLA developed by the EVO Team
  > Exposes advanced features, like multi-SID and multi-ROM
  > Fantastic backwards compatibility with all game titles and demoscene productions
ESD Protection
Joysticks and I/0 ports are protected from electrostatic discharge
Tube Preamps
  > Support for onboard audio preamps for unrivaled SID Audio reproduction
  > The NuTube64 leverages the Korg Nutube 6P1 VFD Technology
  > The Triode64 leverages real vacuum tube technology
Fantastic DIY Build
  > The best DIY builder documentation available for any C64 remake
  > Online support forums with a vibrant community of experts & enthusiasts
  > Many community driven modifications and upgrades are available
  > Registered builders are standing by to make your EVO if you're unable to



OPTION 1. A DIY Mainboard ONLY, with no Component BOM:

  • All EVO64 Rel 1 Mainboard orders ship with an Essential Chip Kit, which includes a reprogrammable EPROM, a QAPLA (custom PLA), a VCO timer and a Color Memory SRAM chip.
  • Completing this build will require a bill of materials (BOM), which you can purchase as a bundle here
  • You also have the option to source all of the components yourself. See the EVO Bill of Materials (BOM) for details   



OPTION 2. A DIY Mainboard with a Standard Components BOM:

  • When you choose the Standard Components Bundle you will recieve the essential chip kit mentioned above in option 1
  • You also receive the DIY Builder's BOM outlined below, which gives you everything you need to complete a standard EVO build
  • Please note that this BOM does not come with MOS / CSG Chips. You must source these separately (see notes at the end of this listing)

EVO Rel 1 - BOM Bundle


OPTION 3. A DIY Mainboard with a Premium Components Bundle Adds:

  • When you choose the Premium Components Bundle you will recieve the essential chip kit mentioned above in option 1
  • You also receive the complete DIY Builder's BOM outlined in option 2, which gives you everything you need to complete a standard EVO build
  • Additionally, you will receive all of the Premium and low noise components outlined below...
    • A set of Aries low profile ZIF sockets (4x 40 pin & 2x 28 pin)
    • An Aries standard profile ZIF socket (1x 32 pin - low profile sockets are not available in the 32 pin package)
    • A set of custom DIP Switch overlay dongles that allow fast and convenient switching of EVO's multi-ROM, Cartridge Banks and multi-SID configuration settings
    • An custom ultra low noise EVO PWR 5v Switching Voltage Regulator
    • An ultra low noise Coilcraft AC Filter Choke
    • A set of color-coded jumpers that help to differentiate power setting changes (RED) from configuration settings (BLUE)
  • Please note that this BOM does not come with MOS / CSG Chips. You must source these separately (see notes at the end of this listing)



None of the EVO bundles above come with MOS or CSG Chips, you must always supply these chips on your own:

  • 2x MOS6526 CIAs (or a compatible clone solution like the J-CIA64)
  • 1x VIC II, all versions are supported, so any PAL or NTSC VIC-II, running either 12v or 5v (e.g., MOS 6567 or 6569 @ 12v; or the 8562 or 8565 @ 5v). The Kawari VIC II Replacement replacement is also fully supported
  • Either 1x or 2x SID sound chips. All variants are supported (e.g., any MOS 6581 @ 12v or 8580 @ 5v). All popular SID clones are fully supported as well, like the ARMSID & ARM2SID, FPGASID, BackSID, SIDKick, SwinSID and SwinSID Ultimate. You can even mix & match different SIDs in each socket
  • 1x MOS 6510 or 8500 CPU (both chip versions are functionally and electrically identical). EVO also supports the J-CPU64 and the Monotech 6502 to 6510 adapter
  • Sources to check for original MOS / CSG chips include: RunStopReStore, Retroleum, PolyPlay, as well as secondary marketplaces like eBay, AliEx, etc. (please exercise caution when buying parts from the secondary marketplaces, check the seller's feedback and reputations, etc.) 



  • Please note that EVO64 is NOT a beginner or entry-level DIY Project
  • To complete this build successfully requires intermediate level soldering experience
  • Otherwise, you risk damage to the board and it's components and even possible injury to yourself (e.g., risk of burns from soldering iron, etc.)
  • A comprehensive DIY Builders Guide is available online, which steps through all phases of the build, setup, configuration and testing process



  • If you would like to purchase a fully assembled and tested EVO64 system, we encourage you to visit the Meet the Builders page, where you can read about members of the EVO community that can make an EVO system for you 
  • After contacting a Registered Builder and receiving confirmation that they are available to complete your EVO build, you simply provide their shipping address details during the purchase checkout, and we'll send your EVO64 kit to them to complete the assembly
  • All registered builders follow a well defined a set of standards and guidelines, which ensures that they will stay in touch with you throughout the entire build process, providing pictures, status updates and testing results. They will also manage shipping of the completely assembled board to you
  • PLEASE NOTE: The EVO team is not involved in the transaction between you and a registered builder. We do not influence their builder fees and we do not receive any compensation from them for their services to the EVO community





Jan Beta


Retro Recipes




Warranty Information

EVO64 and other EVO products are sold AS-IS, without any type of guarantee or warrantee. EVO64 has been developed as a do it yourself "(DIY) build kit" and as such, there are no guarantees provided that it will work if it hasn't been assembled properly. Likewise, it is not possible to offer any type of warrantee or return policy for merchandise that has been partially assembled, since it cannot be re-inventoried, restocked or resold. If you require assistance completing your DIY build, please review the online "DIY Build Guide", which provides extensive, step by step instructions for every stage of the EVO64 build and testing process. For any questions, issues or concerns that are not covered in the DIY Build Guide, you can connect with other DIY Builders from the EVO community on Discord and Facebook

Product Videos


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  • 5
    EVO64 REV 1

    Posted by William Manganaro on May 24th 2023

    My eyes grew wide when I saw this board. The ENIG finish on all the pads really is impressive against the black solder mask. The per-assembly was expertly done also. I ordered the parts kit for this board and must say it was a joy to put together having all the parts packaged and labeled. As for performance, it runs everything I have thrown at it. I advise to put this in a clear case to show it off, especially with all the pro-audio features that cab be added.

  • 5
    Blown away

    Posted by Marco van de Meulenhof on May 5th 2023

    I was extremely lucky to be one of the first in Europe to get my hands on a EVO64 with a NuTube64. When I was unpacking the mainboard I noticed that the build quality is just top notch. I couldn't wait to get this baby running but I had to wait for a couple of chips to arrive... The moment I connected my headphone amplifier and connected my Sennheiser headphone I was immediately blown away by the sound quality. Playing the Wonderland demo with its deep bass and crystal clear mids and highs was just jaw dropping. If you are a SID lover and want the best sound from a C64 I highly recommend the EVO64 with the NuTube64 module. A big thank you to the EVO team and a big hug to Darrell! You all are doing an amazing job keeping the spirit of the C64 alive. I wonder what you all come up with next :) I am a fan!

  • 5

    Posted by distantvoices on Apr 6th 2023

    The quality of this board is eye dazzling, finger licking good. I've had absolutely no troubles soldering in the throu'hole components. In combination with NuTube64 this board is an absolute blast concerning sound quality. Every Game, every Demo I 'Ve got at home it takes with no troubles. Kawari works best for video output, but I think a vanilla VIC II should work too. Besides, @Darrell: Thank you!

  • 5
    Cool new 64 board

    Posted by Emwee (Markus) on Apr 4th 2023

    The finish of this board is high quality - so far the best reproduction/"replica" board of a C64 if seen. All SMD parts are already mounted, soldering the through hole parts is easy and can also be done by not so experienced users. The team gives amazing support, when I needed help I got it within a few minutes and my problems were solved instantly. The documentation is very very well done - read it before you start soldering, it answers near every question you'll have. Compatibility: everything I've tried runs/works as expected (RAD, SIDkick, SIDEKick, KungFu Flash, Kawari, ..., ...). I really love this board!

  • 5
    EVO64 is great!

    Posted by Barry on Apr 3rd 2023

    I am extremely happy with the EVO64 kit! It comes with high quality through hole components and it is clear that a lot of work went into the design. Compatibility has been great and the video output looks great! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun project to build.

  • 5

    Posted by Digital Man on Apr 2nd 2023

    Professional finish, high quality components. All SMD soldering is complete, only through-hole components needed. Overall a simple build with excellent documentation! The highest quality reproduction board available for the Commodore 64!