EVO Rev 1 (Plug & Play)


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Product Overview

Fully Assembled and Tested EVO64, with all required Chips.

Ready to Plug and Play with your favorite case, keyboard and power supply.

One of the most common requests we hear from retro hobbyists and EVO enthusiasts is to offer a fully assembled system, that comes complete with chips, so there's no soldering or small component sourcing required. Well, here's more proof that we're always listening...

Included with this Bundle:

Other Items You'll Need to Complete your System:

  • A system case (EVO is compatible with C64c 'Wedge' style cases, as well Classic Breadbin cases, the Plexilaser and the forthcoming MODULR)
  • A Keyboard (any 'recovered' Keyboard from a classic system or a modern remake, like the Mechboard64 or Blingboard)
  • A power supply (NEVER use an original C64 power supply brick with your EVO. Please pickup a new & modern remake from a reputable supplier)

Optional Upgrades that you may want to consider:




(No reviews yet) Write a Review